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Leave the past behind.​

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Is trauma controlling your life?

Have you been on edge since the distressing event? Do you find it difficult to fall asleep, despite feeling exhausted? It’s almost impossible to relax when you feel tense most of the time.

In your relationship, the irritability is constant and fights with your partner have increased. Even though they understand what you have been through, they are starting to become impatient and have asked you to seek professional help.

When worrying and overwhelming thoughts keep racing through your mind, it feels like you are just going through the motions.

Meanwhile, at work, it’s a struggle to focus and your productivity has declined. Getting through the days has become harder.

CBT therapy for trauma can help you identify all the ways trauma is influencing your life … and come up with ways to move past the past.

Discover why you feel and react the way you do.

Sometimes the marks your trauma story leaves behind are clear and visible. Other times, it’s hidden and unbeknownst to us. Sometimes we can easily understand our reactions, while other times we may be confused and taken aback by our emotions and behaviors.
Trauma can leave a distinctive mark and affect you in surprising ways.
CBT therapy can help you learn to take charge and write the ending of your trauma story. It is possible to find meaning and joy in life after living through a traumatic experience. Reach out today to learn more.

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Are you ready to move on and write the next chapter of your life?

You can learn to regain hope and joy, despite living through a distressing event. Therapy will provide you with strategies to successfully manage the impact that trauma has had in your life.

It’s possible to have a good life and to be happy, even if bad things happen to you.

Imagine if you had the power to confront your fears, change your emotions, and tackle those worrying thoughts. Together we can write a story about resilience, change, and optimism about the future. You can have the life that you want and deserve. Reach out now to find out more.

Heal your relationships by healing your trauma.

If you struggle to feel safe in your relationships, you are not alone. How can you let your guard down when you keep expecting others to disappoint you? You’ve learned the hard way that you can only rely on yourself. You end up dealing with stress alone, but it becomes too much and you feel overwhelmed.

You wish to share the load with someone, but it’s very hard to ask for help. The thought of being vulnerable gives you the chills. Your fears have made you guarded and it’s safer to keep your distance.

You can have close and meaningful connections with others, even if you’ve been hurt before and had bad experiences in the past.

Therapy can help you learn to trust again and feel safe. Imagine getting the support that you need, sharing some of the load, and being accepted for who you are.

Instead of waiting for the next shoe to drop, reach out today and schedule an appointment. You no longer need to navigate this world alone and in fear. Therapy can help you feel safe, relaxed, and content with your life.

It is possible to regain the life you had prior to experiencing a traumatic event.

Let go of the guilt and shame you’ve been carrying.

It’s not uncommon for people to feel shame and/or guilt after living through a traumatic event. Questions like, “Was it my fault? “Am I being punished for something that I did?” “Could I have stopped it from happening?” often arises after the incident.

Without realizing, they may take blame for what happened to them in their efforts to understand the incident(s). Sometimes the stories they tell themselves end up impacting their lives long after the tragic event took place.

When you are able to release the negativity associated with your past, that’s when you start to feel optimistic about your future again.

Imagine if your trauma story didn’t involve guilt, shame, or bad thoughts about yourself, others, and the world. It is possible to regain the life you had prior to experiencing a traumatic event.

CBT for trauma can help you learn to manage triggers and react differently when stressed. Reach out to learn more about coping with trauma.

Stop hiding behind a wall of success at work.

You may not be aware of the pattern, but many successful people bury their heads in work as a coping mechanism for their trauma or feelings of inadequacy. It’s easy to hide from trauma by setting up high standards are constantly thinking about your next goal.

But, attaining success feels like a temporary fix. The feeling of joy and satisfaction is short-lived, and before you know it, you’re are onto the next project. This leaves an empty feeling — like your achievements are never good enough and you are always seeking to accomplish more.

You can hold onto your drive, ambition, and determination without compromising your health or emotional well-being.

It is possible to have a thriving career, while also balancing your life. Therapy can help you to discover your strengths and interests outside of work. This is particularly important because the constant pursuit of success can eventually lead to burnout.

Using a mix of talk therapy, skill development, and action-oriented exercises, we will unlock your true potential. Reach out today to learn more.

When you have the courage to face trauma, you emerge stronger and more reslient.

CBT can help you move on from trauma.

Imagine walking next to a construction site and being startled by a loud bang. All of the sudden, your heart starts to race, your hands tremble, and you become nervous and tense. This reaction happens fast and without warning.

Because it catches you off guard, you have no idea what just happened. You are flooded with negative emotions and unable to cope with your feelings. Later, you realize that the loud noise reminded you of the sound your car made during the accident that almost cost your life.

BEFORE CBT – The example above illustrates how trauma can impact someone’s life. The bang triggered memories and emotions related to the distressing event. A loud noise is no longer a “loud noise,” it became a reminder (or trigger) of the tragic incident that changed your life. The loud noise was interpreted as a threat and prompted a freeze, fight and flight response.

AFTER CBT – You can learn to recognize your triggers right away and bring down emotions faster when using CBT skills. You can do that by changing your body’s response to emotions. You will also develop a balanced and realistic mindset.

Get tangible outcomes from CBT for trauma.

Learn to gain a greater sense of control and calm  

In CBT, you will learn to leave the past behind and feel optimistic about your future. In addition, you can work on finding meaning in your distressing experiences and regain hope and a sense of purpose.

Develop strategies to change your body’s response to trauma

In CBT you will learn to bring your guard down, feel safe, and develop strategies to change your body’s reaction to trauma and intense emotions. These techniques include progressive muscle relaxation, paced breathing, and mindfulness.

Embrace your fears

Exposure therapy within CBT is an effective way to treat trauma symptoms. It consists of a gradual exposure to memories and situations associated with trauma. The goal is to help desensitize the intensity of emotions and create feelings of safety and sense of control over your environment.

Feeling Tense? Try this simple 4-7-8 breathing exercise.

Trauma tends to leave you feeling on edge and tense. The 4-7-8 Breathing technique is an exercise that focuses on controlled breathing to induce a state of calmness and relaxation. Use this exercise whenever you are feeling stressed. It’s a quick and effective way to create a temporary sense of calm. This breathing exercise engages the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting relaxation and reducing the impact of stress on the body.

Repeat the cycle for a few rounds, gradually increasing the duration if comfortable. Remember, while this exercise can be beneficial, consider reaching out to a mental health professional for guidance and personalized strategies if you are dealing with trauma. Call (613)-496-2383 today and make an appointment.

You have full control of the process and can go at your own pace and comfort level.

Hi. I'm Dr Vanessa Gomes, PhD.

In treating trauma, I focus on your individual story and experiences, understanding that personal connection is essential for effective therapy. By blending CBT with elements from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Attachment Therapy, and Mindfulness practices, my approach is tailored to your specific needs, concerns, and goals.

I offer a therapy space that is warm, non-judgmental, and accepting—a safe haven for you to openly share and navigate through your traumatic experiences.

Committed to continuous learning in the field of trauma therapy, I ensure that our sessions incorporate the most current and compassionate practices, supporting your journey toward healing and resilience. Reach out today to book a free 15-minute phone consult.

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