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It’s time to take your power back ... from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

When did life get so hard?

Feeling overwhelmed? Dealing with isolation, confusion, zero motivation and energy? If everyday feels like a battle against your own mind, you’re not alone. In today’s world, anxiety, depression and trauma are prevalent. They make us feel lost, stuck, hopeless, and isolated.

The weight of these issues can interfere with our ability to live our best life, maintain relationships, or even get out of bed in the morning. 

Life doesn’t have to be this hard forever. 

Nobody said life was easy, but we don’t need to struggle in silence. Trying to ‘suck it up’ and get on with things is neither healthy nor necessary. It’s time to get the right tools in your toolbox and take back your life from things that keep you down. 

I’m Dr. Vanessa Gomes, a CBT therapist in Port Jefferson and New York offering online individual therapy across Long Island, including Setauket, Stony Brook and across Suffolk County.

I have extensive training to help you with:

The struggle is real, but so is the freedom.

You weren’t born to feel bad about yourself. You’re not in this world to feel small, stuck, or isolated. Your life’s purpose is bigger than you can imagine. The problem is that anxiety, depression, and trauma make us believe otherwise. 

With the right support, it’s possible to shift your life in a brighter direction. No more feeling burdened. No more hiding yourself away from the world. No more dragging yourself out of bed in the morning.

Therapy is the key to a more uplifting life. You just have to say ‘yes’.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can help you create the future you want. The tools, the support, the guidance you need – the path to freedom from what keeps you stuck.

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Looking for an online therapist near me?

Online Therapy for a better life today.

Online therapy is the most convenient way to address your struggles and get the guidance you need. No commuting, no traffic, no headache.

In Online CBT therapy, we learn to:

  • Recognize and challenge negative thoughts
  • Improve coping strategies for distressing emotions such as sadness, anxiety, anger, and confusion
  • Explore what’s really going on beneath the surface
  • Set goals for your mental well-being

It’s a chance to actually talk about what’s wrong instead of dismissing the opportunity with ‘I’m fine.’ It’s the right next step if you want to take real action toward living your most fulfilling life.

Learn more about how CBT works here.

Is online therapy right for me?

Yes! I offer online therapy in New York for people just like you.

If it’s your first time trying online therapy, you might be wondering ‘Is online therapy for me?’ Here’s how it helps:

  • Easy Access: No travel, no stress. Get therapy from the comfort of your own home.
  • Flexible: Schedule sessions at a time that works for you.
  • Private: My online sessions are completely secure and confidential.
  • Available: Access therapy anywhere with an internet connection. 

Online therapy is also proven to be just as powerful as traditional therapy for helping with anxiety, depression, and trauma. If you’re still unsure about how online therapy can help, reach out for a consultation.

Studies show that online therapy works just as well as in-person therapy. ​

Online Therapy for Anxiety

Find freedom from anxiety's grip.

When we predict the worst, we lose joy in the present. Hyper-alertness, tension, emotional stress – these turn good days into bad ones quickly. Anxiety is a natural response to fear, but its unpredictable nature makes us tense. 

A walk down Port Jefferson Harbour or a calming evening on Long Beach should be enjoyable, but when anxiety gets triggered we lose sight of the beauty of it all. What would it be like to find joy in the simple things again? To know that when anxieties come up, we’ll deal with them with confidence?

CBT gives you the confidence and tools to challenge your difficult thoughts.

CBT teaches you the skills you need to keep your inner peace intact, even when difficult thoughts and emotions want to bring you chaos. You’ll learn to navigate your challenges with grace, confidence, and trust. 

Online Therapy for Depression

The weight of the world is not yours to carry.

Depression is a heavy load to carry.  It affects our relationships, ruins our social life, and makes getting through the day feel impossible. Even in the vibrant scenes of Port Jefferson Harbour where life brims with vibrancy, you might find yourself alienated from the crowd, wondering why you can’t enjoy things anymore.

When simple tasks become overwhelming, when we can’t bear to fake another smile around our friends, when we just want to crawl under the covers, it’s time for change. You don’t have to live life so heavy. 

Find your invincible summer with CBT therapy. 

Persistent negative thoughts and limiting beliefs perpetuate your depression. CBT tackles these thinking habits with compassion, curiosity, and confidence. You might feel stuck in a pit today, but CBT is the hand that will help you climb out of it. 

Online Trauma Therapy

Ready to feel safe and whole again?

Living with trauma can make life on Long Island confusing. Surrounded by the serene landscape and tranquil beaches, you wonder why it’s so hard to enjoy your life. The bustling Main street or Port Jefferson Harbour should be fun experiences but crowds overwhelm you. You feel like your mind and body can’t be trusted, and a sense of safety is hard to come by. 

Instead of living on edge, never knowing if distressing memories or anxiety will attack, imagine feeling safe and whole. Imagine knowing that even when trauma symptoms begin, you’ll manage. Imagine having the tools to regulate yourself and stay grounded and safe no matter what triggers come your way. 

Trauma therapy is your opportunity to transform pain and suffering into wisdom and resilience.

Trauma hijacks your sense of safety, but CBT can help you take back control. Whatever your trauma narrative tells you, know that you have the power to rewrite that story. In CBT, we learn practical tools for transforming your trauma into power and resilience, helping you face every day with confidence and self-trust. 

The key to your healing is already within you. I’m here to help you find it.

Online CBT Therapy helps you make the change you’ve been seeking.

Break free from the cycle with CBT.

How do thoughts and feelings influence our behavior? How do we deal with the mind when it’s causing us distress? This is what we learn in cognitive behavioral therapy. 

CBT shows us how the mind plays tricks on us, how the ways we think, feel, and behave are all connected. Awareness of this connection (the cognitive triangle) is like opening the door to a room in which we’ve been stuck. 

As a CBT therapist in Port Jefferson Long Island, I offer online and in-person CBT sessions for anyone struggling with their life. I’m here to help you:

  • Identify and address thoughts, feelings, and unhealthy habits
  • Learn how to challenge negative beliefs
  • Improve romantic and peer relationships through self-awareness and self-regulation
  • Recognize cognitive biases and see through them
  • Apply proven tools to reduce anxiety in the moment
  • Transform your relationship with the mind

Dr. Vanessa Gomes, CBT-trained online therapist, New York.

Learn self-management tools with DBT.

In the midst of a mental storm, it feels impossible to know what to do next. We know there are ways to feel better but they feel just out of reach. This is where Dialectical Behavior Therapy makes all the difference. 

DBT provides a comprehensive toolkit to use in tough times. It helps us manage difficult emotions and unexpected situations by equipping us with strategies for mindfulness and self-awareness. 

In addition to CBT, I also offer online and in-person DBT informed therapy. Techniques learned in DBT therapy can help you in your everyday life, giving you space to step back from what’s happening and find your path forward with more ease. Learn more about DBT and how it helps here.

Rediscover meaningful relationships with Attachment Therapy and Online Counseling, New York.

Build life-affirming connections with Attachment Therapy.

Struggling to maintain close relationships? Afraid to connect with others, or overwhelm others by holding on too tight? Healthy relationships are key to a fulfilling life, but our attachment wounds can make it hard to enjoy them.

Attachment therapy is like untangling a knot in the heart. It teaches us to identify and address relationship patterns that we no longer need. The result? More confidence, ease, and trust in our connections with others.

I offer online attachment therapy for residents of Long Island. In session, we’ll explore our history of relationships from childhood to now and how those dynamics inform our worldview. We’ll get to the root of why some relationships haven’t worked out and how we can cultivate better, deeper connections starting from today. 

Learn more about attachment therapy.

Are you ready for a better life? Your brighter future is one step away.

Comprehensive online therapy on Long Island.

Navigate your mental health with individual therapy on Long Island.

Life on the island offers a blend of beauty and tranquility, with plenty of nature and charming neighborhoods to enjoy. But what about those of us who struggle to enjoy life here due to mental health challenges like anxiety, depression, or trauma? 

Living in such a beautiful place can even add to our worries – we feel like we should be making the best of life but our difficulties get the better of us.

Working with a therapist is an opportunity to face our struggles with guidance and support. It’s a means of freeing ourselves from our burdens and worries so we can start enjoying life again. So we can stand on the harbor and breathe in the fresh air, or feel the sand on our toes when we take a serene stroll on the beach without fearing the mind.

New York online therapy takes the hassle out of healing.

Healing made easier with online mental health counseling.

Sick of crowded streets? Can’t deal with traffic on the Long Island Expressway? Struggling to find time for therapy in your busy schedule? You don’t have to deal with these barriers to getting help.  Online CBT therapy is convenient and flexible, so you can move forward on your path to whole health with ease. Proven to be just as effective as in-person therapy, online therapy means you can get your life back on track from the comfort of your own home.

Searching for an online psychologist near me? Try virtual therapy with me, Dr. Vanessa Gomes.

Hi. I'm Dr. Vanessa Gomes, Certified CBT Psychologist

With decades of experience and specialist training, I’ve seen how the right therapy transforms lives. In my approach, I emphasize compassion and understanding so that you feel heard, seen, and understood in a safe space. 

Our therapeutic relationship is based on genuine compassion and support. 

I blend compassion with evidence to give you a comprehensive therapy plan. We’ll work together to help you reshape your mental landscape, manage your emotions with confidence, and skilfully navigate life’s challenges. You deserve to rekindle the light that has been dimmed lately, and I’m here to help you do it.

Learn more about me and my approach to therapy here.

FAQs About Online Therapy

The type of therapy you choose should be based on your preferences, so I won’t say you should choose one over the other. However, choosing virtual therapy is a convenient and comfortable way to receive mental healthcare without the hassle of commuting to the therapist’s office. As New Yorkers we’re living in an increasingly stimulating environment. Clients with hectic schedules and sensitivity to over-stimulation tend to find online therapy a game-changer. All you need is a computer or phone with a reliable internet connection and we’re ready to go. 

I have extensive training in providing exceptional therapy services online, ensuring that the quality of care remains high despite the virtual format.

My online individual therapy sessions for Long Islanders help you live your daily life with confidence and resilience. Whether you’re struggling with motivation, relationship issues, anxiety, or more, online CBT therapy can be the start of a huge change in your life. 

Research shows that even just a few individual sessions of online CBT can offer profound benefits, including reduced mental health symptoms, increased self-awareness, improved confidence, and better relationships. In general, receiving regular therapy sessions has profound benefits. It’s much better to stay on top of your mental health rather than letting negativity fester and ending up in the emergency room with a panic attack!

Therapy is a broad term encompassing a range of modalities aimed at treating different issues. Some therapies focus solely on trauma healing, such as EMDR therapy, while others are aimed at helping people with personality disorders (such as borderline personality disorder or Bipolar). CBT is suitable for depression, anxiety, trauma, stress disorder, eating disorders, anger management, and more. Other forms of therapy, such as exposure therapy
Online (virtual) therapy sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions for a wide range of mental health issues, including but not limited to depression and anxiety. Even in a virtual environment we can establish a working therapeutic relationship and get to the root of your worries. Video chatting allows me to observe your body language just as I would in a traditional in-person environment.
Yes. I use a secure HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platform to ensure that our virtual sessions are completely secure and confidential, so you don’t have to worry about privacy when receiving therapy.
I’m a trained CBT therapist, so CBT is the primary modality I use in sessions. However, I understand that effective therapy often requires an integrative blend of therapy techniques. I am also a trained DBT and attachment therapy practitioner. Based on our consultation and initial sessions we’ll work together to figure you the best therapy plan for you moving forward.
Accessing online therapy is easy. All you need is a stable internet connection, a computer (or phone!), and a private space in which you feel comfortable. You will also be given access to my client portal for scheduling and communication purposes.
It’s up to you if you want to switch between in-person and video or phone sessions. Some days are different – one day you might want to get out of the house and come to my office, another day you may prefer to stay home. I can accommodate your preferences.
Your comfort in therapy is my priority. So, if we experience any technical difficulties on video we can either reschedule our meeting or switch to a phone session.
I don’t offer couples therapy, family therapy, or marriage counseling in my practice. However, through individual therapy, we can address many issues and challenges that may be affecting your relationship health, such as negative and limiting beliefs, poor anger management, and unpredictable mood swings.

Yes. I have extensive experience treating trauma, anxiety, and depression in high achieving men. 

That said, my CBT sessions are available for adults of any gender who are seeking support. We can video or phone sessions or you can come to the office if you prefer. Online CBT therapy is a safe space for any adult dealing with persistent feelings of anxiety or depression to address these issues and finally get life back on track.

Yes, my credentials have been fact-checked by Psychology Today so you can rest assured that you’re receiving therapy from a credited, licensed professional.

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Please note — The only insurance I accept is Aetna and my rate is $250/session.

Book a 15-Minute Consult

Please note — The only insurance I accept is Aetna and my rate is $250/session.